Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elke's beauty book & beauty notes

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In this first ever one of a kind beauty ebook-elke's beauty ebook, get the inside makeup techniques from a top celebrity and editorial makeup artist. learn how to simplify your makeup routine, with glamorous results. 
Author Elke von freudenberg is a makeup artist who has worked on projects for dolce & gabana, ralph lauren, diane von furstenberg and on super-model faces such as kate moss, niki taylor, and veronica web.
In the makeup course, elke goes beyond application techniques. she leads you on a study of your own bone structure and introduces important concepts in color theory.
Who's it for? women who want to enhance their look without looking "made-up." elke's style is very natural." One more purchase available with beauty book is elke's beauty notes taken from the highly popular beauty blog elke von freudenberg [ blog ], beauty notes ebook is a compliation of beauty posts written by celebrity makeup artist elke von freudenberg. Chapters inclued:

  • acne skin : how to look good
  • all time makeup pet peeves
  • beauty school : day 1
  • blush tutorial
  • elke's top five
  • eye makeup tricks
  • making the  most of those lashes
  • more makeup tips
  • photo shoot makeup tricks
  • pro vs personal
  • reader beauty tips & tricks


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