Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Face Lift Without A Surgery

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face lift without surgery
Wendy Wilken Face Lift is a program that discusses and teaches different techniques for face lift like yoga, face lift massage and much more.

  • Learn how to reduce, or completely get rid of all sorts of wrinkles on the face and neck: Forehead lines, eye wrinkles and get a glowing face lift.
  • crow's feet, smile and laugh folds, nasal lines, fine lines around the mouth and lips, neck wrinkles and creases.
  • Discover easy facial yoga routines to tighten and lift sagging face and neck skin: 
  • Raise and tone baggy face skin, chubby cheeks, double chin, sagging hog jowls, and saggy turkey neck.
  • Find out how to plump up and fill out hollow eye sockets, gaunt cheeks, and bony lower neck problems with natural face lift facial exercise reshaping workouts.
  • Learn how  to cure unsightly bags under the eyes, dark eye circles and "racoon" rings.
  • Learn to use yoga face lift workouts to re-sculpture and sharpen the features of your face and neck for a new and better looking you.
  • Discover where to locate the acupressure points on the face, neck, hands, and arms, and how to massage them to turbo-boost your non-surgical face lift to new levels, in a faster time period. Only a few minutes a week is all that's really necessary to maintain your glowing natural facelift once you have attained it!
  • Wendy reveals to women and men how to relax and de-stress while massaging the acupressure points for better results. 
  • Face acupressure exercises help other areas of the body to function better such as the spleen, digestion, liver, and 
  • kidneys. Facial toning also aids sleep disorders, digestion, headaches, and many others...
  • Discover how to harness the body’s natural energy, and to channel it to certain areas in the head, face, and neck to halt and reverse aging symptoms and cell degeneration.
  • Learn anti-aging skin care tricks to fast-forward the benefits of facelift exercises that will restore color, skin elasticity, and nourish the underlying neck and facial tissue. This will help shed years off your appearance and revitalize the complexion with new color and glow.
  • Find out which vitamins and mineral supplements and skin care products are best to boost face aerobics regimens. Also learn the do's and don'ts for the face lift!

Fascinating stuff, this Facial aerobics exercises open the energy lines in the body which become blocked as we age. These are called meridians. The energy meridians in the body are called “Chi” in Chinese, and “Ki” in Japanese.

By stimulating certain points on the face and neck, they are opened wider so that the “Chi” and blood flow can flow unhindered to feed once starved muscle, tissue, and skin cells. Not only does this increase the skin’s elastin levels, but it also improves your complexion as the skin cells become nourished. As facelift exercises are continued, the skin begins to glow freshly and become 

firm and supple again as the collagen and elastin levels rise.
The augmented circulation will improve the complexion and restore color to the face as in your youth. Face lift Without Surgery unclutters the energy points so that you look young once again! And much, much more. Grab the program now or read more about it.



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