Friday, June 14, 2013

Wrap Yourself slim

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A body wrap is an all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. It slenderizes and contours your body shape in only an hour. The body wrap produces therapeutic and cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins and reducing inches.

The ebook contains information that will turn your kitchen into a laboratory to develop effective wrapping formulas that can be used and prepared at home - at a fraction of the cost of the ones given at the salon.the formulas and supplies are extremely economical and are so easy to prepare. You can find the ingredients in your local Health Food store or at an incredible savings online!

A body wrap can also boost your overall health by DETOXIFYING the body. You Can LOSE 6-21 Inches, Minimize Cellulite, Tone your Skin and Detoxify Your Body in Only 60 Minutes with Home Body Wrap Recipes...GUARANTEED!

This ebook tells you ways by help of which you can invest as little as $3.00 - $5.00 per wrap by buying the supplies and making your own body wraps at home!

$3.00 is a HUGE discount on the $50 - $100 per wrap price tag at the spa! Isn't it?


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